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Legend of Alan and Broadway

by Gregory Severance

I heard Alan died yesterday I read
Hymn of Him of Sin yesterday at ABC No Rio I wrote yesterday morning
they smoke reefer in the side balcony the logic of it is inexorable
execrable the wisdom the bafflement
Eileen says that Alan smoked a joint recently and overdosed the wisdom
execrable the logic
ineffable Broadway Williams was born
before the Great Depression before Reagan was president
but after the Great War
before eggplant and hummous focaccia at Grand Army Plaza
"Do you see bubbles, Alan?"
"I'm using this pen and I'm using this book."
first the string came off then Broadway was born
the mini-soviets became established on the Lower East Side
"Alan, are you outa your mind? What you been smokin?" the logic
evangelical Broadway Williams ere Steinbeck published Cannery row
Alan reminds me that I consciously constantly
pursued delusion after Jack Kennedy's inaugural address
mingling with the howling of Alan's lamentation first though before even
my own mother and father sprang forth
Broadway from the abyss of ineffabiility emerged yea
even the suicides of Hart Crane and Ernest Hemmingway came after
that labor the meaning flows crystal clear inexorably with a slight
tinge of urea the logic
and wisdom of methadone intrudes at times such as these
surely the pain and suffering
Alan has been released from his yea
though it was a long time coming first came Broadway Willliams' birth ere the victory
of Clinton the victory of Nixon the victory of Truman
Melville came ere
Broadway Williams likewise King Oliver
Alan reminds me that I warn't ever spurnful of
delights of delusion ere the birth of Louise Bulldog nay
I pursued conscientiously yet found release from logos likewise
Alan has found release so what
that he entered the zone of expediency ere he was locked up so what
is the logic the wisdom founded ere the birth of Broadway the flame of
delusion doth dance in these post-birth of BW times
in this post-discovery of the double-helix era

June 5, 1995

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