Gregory Severance's
Elegiac Feelings Moroccan

backyard in brooklyn

oooh oooh

brooklyn sirens squint
against what brilliance of tree on Flatbush Avenue
history murmuring
sirens wailing wailing sirens sirens wailing

steel pistols resting on a pillow
owning nature the buildings
sweet lonely fallen on RR track
would deny loveliness in dream moment

botanical soundings clucking asked me
who sees your bodies
this dream in a circle
loveliness in mortal form

I travelled the entire length of every
kindness past
staggering from levee to levee
always denying inspired roads
Kesey's in Oregon the war the war
is reborn

cherry bare breasted woman statue
wept with tears without tears
I sobbed my sins
to La Guardia birds unfamiliar sirens wailing

who cringes during discourse of spirit
the great in heart horrible instead
peace and acceptance
a phantom skeleton
meaty baby

dream moment
military tyranny arms
murmuring history
world is released
green with leaves
from flesh forms

laden with white blossoms
prayers completed the breasts
I pursued delusion consciously
some gathering on every road the state of kansas pavements galore

I lay trembling
war-fear ended