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Ciphertext Rag: Two

by Gregory Severance

highwaymen demolish accordions

                    sucking on plastic straws

pathetic instrumentalities                     of exteriority of histrionics

       jumble of tents      in the park        in the Central African

                                     country a construct         of political

       madness a photograph 

              of a tentmaker in a refugee 

                      camp lapsing into impossible circus       tent rodeo

              the situation poised for death

   for collapse of the poles

the pace of metamorphoses

                from sliminess to slipperiness to symbolics to docility

                      in the confrontation with legal schemata

                            of honey of glue of echoing          baby laughter

                in the last sunlight of the day

        the vine creeping

up the brick wall dances              no thought no voice no notion of time

        in the last sunlight of day

                            the squirrel and the cat quibble

observing limits of being                  over whether it be honey or glue

revealed in confused diversions               pulling late into parking lots

                    along the dreary road of expressionism

         reduction of experience

                           diminution of consciousness forgetting

                           the names of the           cousins the streets

the clock on the wall

           leading back       to unobtrusive     efficiency consciousness

                   of consciousness                 senseless anal

sexuality shocking prenatal

        illumination window into emptiness and bliss 

                                  recover something of the experience
June 1994


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