Co-Conspirators E-anthology

by Jeffrey Jullich


Without Mama, scissored foil-thin, shaped like a person
Dark slag torso and alloy head

Blocking off a clump of azures
Twinkling with involuntary defects

The sky would hide its irrelevance
In a mock spectrum: aquamarine
Deepens into cratery; the see-through promises;
Earth-colored internal bleeding; but tonight
Purple stands for devotion. It purpures.

Balanced on the pre-fab skeleton,
Be propped on the balcony railing, like a remnant.
Arms thrust backward into uncomfortable
But incomparable necessity, she
Sits in the toothachey heartache
Of an ingenue sky, more dignity than clouds.

The significance was unforgettable.
Scratched goldens are memorable, but in the evening
Mediterranean evening misplaced over Capitol Building
Golden greys make us memorize
Pulse beats. The skyline, link by harbor by link,
Chains their skepticism to impartiality,
Necklace for a goddess.
This is her cue.

first published in Pavement, 1987

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