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I Shall Kill Salman Rushdie the Blasphemer
1989 * Tyuonyi
History Lesson
1987 * Pavement
The Penniless Banker
1987 * Shiny
Visa of Foreign Gender
1987 * ACM (Another Chicago Magazine)
Faster Than Vista
1987 * Caliban
1987 * Pavement
Pas de Deux
1985 * Upstart
The Egyptian Sky Darkens
1982 * Operative Magazine
I Guess
1982 * Operative Magazine
Revisions from an Unfinished Poem
1977 * Columbia Review
1977 * Columbia Review

Mod poem collaboration with Gregory Severance
work in progress (in hiatus)


Biographical Note:

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Former horoscope columnist for VICE magazine, Jeffrey Jullich has been published in Poetry, Shiny, Caliban, Pavement (Univ. of Iowa), College English (editor: James Tate), ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), etc., with poetry forthcoming in LIT (New School) and book reviews to appear in Rhizome. His poetry appears on the Web at Peter Ganick's POTEPOETZINE #13. and WINDHOVER. He was librettist for an opera called American Lit: Queer Theory (The Hawthorne-Melville Correspondence) premiered at American Opera Projects. He is quoted as a symposium participant in Charles Bernstein's Politics of Poetic Form/Bruce Andrews' Paradise & Method, and is cited as a reference in the Acknowledgments to Brad Gooch's Frank O'Hara biography, City Poet (Knopf). He lectured at The Drawing Center series in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art's Antonin Artaud centenary, and was a panelist on Susan Howe at the Barnard conference on women poets. He holds a Literature/Writing degree from Columbia University, where he studied with Kenneth Koch, and at Brooklyn College with John Ashbery.


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