Co-Conspirators E-anthology

by Jeffrey Jullich

The Penniless Banker

"The Penniless Banker," an operetta
focusing on accused folk crusader, Sadie Mae
Thomp(asterisk)kins, unveils ailing
loser values' usual suave wallop, leprous prose:

underhanded antediluvian Levine,
the kiss-tax-collector, and Bradford
       one foot ashore, Jerome's
aromatic matte roily in a kettle.
The sole of a boot on the pier,
pratfall imminent. Mouth-watering

       to watch itchy Hotchkins,
concerned for Tompkins' hale
complexion's lexicon
of zircon lesions,
shun presidency to stir turbulent
balance of kettle and ladle, a
black matte bleached
by his carillon of dropping tortoise tears

First published in Shiny, 1987

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