BULLDOG BREATH announces the publication of


edited by Levi Asher and Christian Crumlish

an anthology including the poem Art World Rag by Gregory Severance

Visit the book's web site at http://coffeehousebook.com

"In early 1996, a Buddhist friend of Levi's named Len Dorfman, who happened to be an acquisitions editor at a small Greenwich, Connecticut publisher called Manning Books, began surfing the web, and followed the links from Levi's site to Christian's and then to the sites of their various friends and comrades. He immediately saw the potential for a new book, and when he proposed it to Levi and Christian they jumped at the chance. Thus began the year-and-a-half process that culminates in the July 1997 release of COFFEEHOUSE: WRITINGS FROM THE WEB."

quote from Coffeehousebook.com

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