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Jeffrey Jullich and Gregory Severance Collaboration

Thursday, February 11, 1999, 2:00 p.m., New York City

Poem collaboration in hiatus. Jullich and Severance work together by taking turns adding a word or phrase to the poem. The medium of communication is electronic mail.


Loveless, lucky lemon-taster suffered from good luck: he
went wet bye-bye in bed while inhaling essence and

it was myrrh, Mister: myrrh won't fumigate parfumerie.
Descent of a nosegay full of octopus,
technical sergeants
clinging to the past.

Coquina shell's butterfly wings cleave wig.
Hence, a dilemma:
Grandma's achromatic haircut or her chartreuse scalp.

-- wink repeatedly, wink once --

I, Cocky Locky, the family pet, besotted
with Logos and leashed with a long chain,
trippingly off to the pluperfect,
up the grove, down the fen,
redeemed homophony from

dripping noise,
itsy bitsy spider.
Am furry, scaley,

Drummer boys make an error by
murmuring "oud" instead of "ond"
to dog, to dictaphone,
up and down Tympan Alley

I, the Queen of the Everglades
camping with catfishers
nose full of pus
eyes full of shine
wouldn't combine tenses: "shan't . . ."
candidly fancy regicide

Hush Puppy unlaced, no heel,
no hominy to be mixed with
saffron (which comes from crocuses) you cook
in a pan you baker you eater oriented toward
consuming live oak taste acorn soup eating boiled tree parts
you like to go to horn-of-plenty store and buy oak juice
be fingerprinted for the sweet by-and-by

The shell of the periwinkle snail doesn't taste right floating
in myrtle broth
and stone-ground finger bowl. The Hyperboreans spat its rinds

onto my gelatinous mirror
onto my mother.

The lady tobacconist's snuffbox, full of uh pearls,
is for sale. Cheap.
So, what an alibi: Bibles in pellets deflect
ectoplasm off long underwear.

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