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Hymn of Him of Sin

by Gregory Severance

a woman's voice moves the air molecules out of my way
mingles with the heartbeat of the nation
beating in the orange of an Okeechobee orange grove
along an almost dead road shamans of youth
full of apocalypse expand America's vaulted isolation
fuel is everywhere
bumping the microphones
tolling church bells
creaking bones in the boneyard of unselfconsciousness
cipher peanut butter pie cipher key lime pie
Clinton buttons Mc Govern buttons Tsongas buttons
in a day of death he is my breath
"the pope died and everything was canceled"
the one thousand longest rivers in the world
sin is sin is sin

gin is gin
propulsive water problem exclusively affecting the cultural replete
portable toilets fell down during the airy consciousness freeze of 1894
killing the bees making clear and precise a proposal
that those of us with weak bladders should shit out the signs of luck
the toxicity of the citrus trees the wild grapes the periwinkle soup
sin is sin is sin

sin is sin
honey resistance gooey sticky
the cocksucking poems of Tommasso
turtle eggs lined up
gigantic terrapins listing in society
I haven't read between externality and eternity
the lines of weeks of stolen glances
I haven't drunk the New York Times Business cappuccino in weeks
I haven't read Dostoievski in weeks
sin is sin is sin

men are men
termination lights up her stroking sounds waft up
surrounding Saigon banana greed
by no wiles intermittent the barking dog
the bushy tailed shriek of the squirrel
the rolling motion of the squirrel across the lawn of the chemical gardens
sin is sin is sin

kith and kin
negotiating dandy deals in the Dapper Dandelion Inn
proprietor, Peter Coffee
at cross purpose the deal the mountain trout fishing trip
the bulldog with the silver harness walking across America
the fences are on fire
the sound of young phoenix broods mix with the strains
of Richard Brautigan's jeweled mouth-organ
sin is sin is sin

thick and thin
double dutching the hype
the clock of the psychoanalyst of would-be-celebrities
breathing the air of sheer artifice the hoarfrost of intimidation the brilliance
of the whiteness of the sun on the powdery sand of Key West
the refrains of the minstrelsy of our vacant faraway childhood
play on the status-soaked author's borrowed time
sin is sin is sin


June 4, 1995

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