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Louise and Her Lover

by Gregory Severance

heading toward one A.M.
constipation is a good sign
handful of rain of health in
pomeranians reading _Molloy_ on
the opposite loft "D" train to
Brooklyn the error is Artaud's

country music station history his
erased trace on the way to truth
visions of Johanna heading toward
one A.M. Derrida playing on the
bones of her face consciousness
table he wants to explode it when

farewell kiss you have troubles
don't cry boxer broke out with
the highway blues hives all over
her body constipation is a good
primitive wallflower sign of health
in boxers no upon further observation
jelly-faced women not blind Artaud

does not exemplify it this should all
the head of the mule be re-written
in the pluperfect Grateful Dead
skeleton keys playing on the new
turntable gestures characteristic of
fish truck her neighborhood in Brooklyn
when I see on through the lowered

coughing heat pipes window of a
stationary car I often stop and blow
trial of infinity it vague intuition
tenses of the past benevolence of
tolerance irrational of slut boys in
clear and endurable ways the
boondocks I don't smell like a sheep

27-29 March 1998
New York City/Brooklyn
New York, America


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