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24 June 2002
So what's a couple of years since the last update to this web site?

Poem by Gregory Severance
Pink Lemonade

Also, my latest web log is at LiveJournal.com.

08 April 2000
I started my web log a couple of weeks ago. It's called blog breath and is powered by Blogger. And today I added my blog to the webloggers web ring.

16 May 1999
Launched Co-ConspiratorsE-anthology.

Poem by Gregory Severance:
Tallahassee Lassie Has a Panatella in Santiago de Cuba

1 May 1999
Redesigned entrance to poetry by Gregory Severance featuring a consolidated list of poems with a sample line from each poem. This redesign replaces a page that consisted of a menu of categories that led to lower level menus of poems.

9 Feb 1999
Jeffrey Jullich and Gregory Severance have been collaborating on a poem since Nov. 1998. It got a title a couple of days ago: Mod.

17 Jan 1999
Two Co-conspirator poems by Jeffrey Jullich: I Shall Kill Salman Rushdie the Blasphemer and Pas de Deux.

24 Oct 1998
Poem by Gregory Severance: Streaming Murmurs (July 22-23, 1998).

9 Aug 1998
Bulldog Breath Order Form
Go here to order a free copy of the latest issue of Bulldog Breath, the paper version.

20 Jun 1998
Two poems by Gregory Severance: Louise and Her Lover (Mar. 25-27, 1998) and they are toeing the line (Mar. 26, 1998).

17 Feb 1998
Grand Opening of Bulldog Breath Bookstore.

9 Feb 1998
Seven poems by Gregory Severance: Onion Patch (Nov. 15, 1997); Onion Omelet & Tea (Nov. 16, 1997); Exiles On Off Off Broadway (Nov. 25, 1997); Twins Are Us (Dec. 9-12, 1997); point of severance (Dec. 24, 1997); Gene Theory (Dec. 24-27, 1997); Meaning of America: I (Feb. 2-8, 1998).

9 Nov 1997
Two Bulldog Breath Co-Conspirator poems: Mardi Gras by Dan Barth and Strange Attractor Poesy by Perry Lindstrom.

A new poem, The Kale is Clean or The Art is Pop written yesterday by Gregory Severance.

3 Nov 1997
Interview with Mark Polizzotti Perry Lindstrom's conversation with the author of Revolution of the Mind: The Life of André Breton.

14 Oct 1997
Interview with Ann Charters Dan Barth talked with Ann Charters on March 28, 1995 in San Francisco, California, America.

1 Oct 1997
The developing web poem, Elvis Died Twenty Years Ago by Gregory Severance


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