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file names | selected lines from poems
elegiac | backyard in brooklyn
inter | Brautigan weave three-cornered hats
exooob | camping on Cornelia Street
listing | dandelions on a deal
moa1 | days unlucky, days occur to me, that, et cetera
exhale | don't uncurl the toes
slimy | eating French fried potatoes on the steps of fear
hymn | gin is gin
jux1 | have a hunch I will a whole sentence
twarus | I am speaking is really the goal
onpa | I posit pillow talk
alan | I pursued conscientiously yet found release from logos likewise
genet | I ran for homecoming princess
sensory | I will keep taking them to the corner of Broadway and Houston
onomte | I'm not on drugs
kale | inhale fallen angel dust
homeless | mennonites ford the Merrimack
wine | new tee-shirt from my mother
elvis | none of mr. knott's sin is sin honey
july | oleander corroborating seersucker landlords
cipher2 | pulling late into parking lots
toeing | scriptures an object an adventure of
slutboys | slutboys in the boon-
weave | some cocaine at a disco
lover | stationary car I often stop and blow
cipher1 | stay home from work
stream | the pisser at this cafe I smoked reefer there
pos | verily in the land
lemonade | ten thousand words


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