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Streaming Murmurs

by Gregory Severance

rye toast set down on table a new diner
Artaud speaking of "poetry of things
considered in their most innocent aspect"
should they call me what they call me man
raised to titanic proportions and so art
is everywhere since from the imagination
what could that mean inexcusable omissions
thumping rhythm deli locksmith service on
no account must they Okinawa photographs
my young body sweaty my head close cropped
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer R.E.M. Murmur over and
over driving drunk all over the island
with Al over and over again on the train
thinking about feet and shoes pain credit
card purchase where 8th Street shoe stores
what about sandals show off my feet I can't
go that far to that extreme ardor for disorder
in the cafe Astor Place I used to eat breakfast
here when it was a diner ten years ago reading
new translation of Notes From Underground
I goofed off with Levi Asher today people
are drawing a class of people with big clipboards
scattered throughout the cafe perhaps they are
students at Cooper Union I sprinkled cinnamon
into my small black coffee cinnamon in coffee
always reminds me of the kinky corner I'm feeling
drawn to cyber cafes to read and send email
take me out to California baby Levi was talking
about e-commerce what about certification as
an e-commerce professional murmur of an air
conditioning unit I wonder if it's the same one
that was here ten years ago his liver hurts if
I went to a cyber cafe and logged on I'd become
worried about time the teacher has arrived in
our corner of the cafe Monterey, California baby
if I told someone to wait 'til Saturday to get
his phone fixed only one guy seems to be using
color this really isn't stream of consciousness
Tallahassee Monroe Street diner eating breakfast
on a Saturday morning stoned it was a good day
because I had reefer and money to eat in a
restaurant sunsets in Pacific Grove before marriage
and fatherhood unstructured evenings waiting for
the night searching for at the kinky corner looking
at the world there always seems to be a line for
the pisser at this cafe I smoked reefer there
eleven years ago the Cube Cooper Union the moral kiosk
over the uptown subway entrance image of human figure
appearing under that student's hand what does this
have to do with art NYU student productions I was not
able to engage myself I was preoccupied with reefer
at sunset his liver hurts streaming teepees the
grittiness of eleven years ago just take that chair
what do it have to do with art sixteen years ago I
was too afraid to venture this far east walking down
Fifth Avenue I peered east down the side streets and
Union Square seemed scary to me I did not he rattles
his sabre not wickedly not imbittered this string
could go on forever neither a nor a I love this
construction how long a pause is unknowable I bought
a more comfortable pair of shoes earlier this evening
at Payless Shoes on Sixth Avenue specificity intrudes
here unintentionally now that's a joke who are
these people who live here in the East Village stuffing
myself with pierogis and lemon-dill salad dressing
watching tit and ass streaming with breaks in time

July 22-23, 1998
New York City


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