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by Gregory Severance

03-feb-1993 smelling pretzels on

21-aug-1994 musculated tongue

01-jun-1994 strolling Soho without

the streets of midtown

pirogue suppurated

stroller encountering goddess

reminds me of my first

scoriated indomitable

on her way to Tai Chi meeting

trip to New York in January

gesticulant and wild

goddess on her way from Tai

or February of 1980 class

pink plastic flamingoes in the

Chi buying coffee at Dean

trip we got in trouble

backyard half-naked at

and DeLuca on Prince Street

for smoking marijuana

the beach naked in the

hearing passersby coo coo

some cocaine at a disco

playground vacuity risible

about goddess sleeping in

we stayed at the Sheraton

sibilance travelling too fast

the sling her face buried

City Squire Inn on Seventh Avenue

to read the name of the

in the sling the goddess worried

between Fifty-first and Fifty-second Streets it

rubble at the backdoor of a

she will suffocate

has recently been remodelled

warehouse big lush green

magical June evenings

and renamed the Sheraton

weeds thrive stellar patterns

02-jun-1994 tents of wickedness


stucco invisible palms

a man in a can suit

walking west on Fifty-seventh

08-june-1996 Brooklyn, New York


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